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Recent trends such as BYOD have resulted in corporate and academic settings becoming less stringent in terms of working conditions. It enables employees, students, faculties and administrators to access data, connect with one another and work from anywhere irrespective of the device, place or time. However, trends such as these have the potential of exposing the connected devices to security vulnerabilities that are not directly monitored by an enterprise’s IT staff or addressed by the corporate antivirus software. These nuances can be addressed by Mobile Device Management (MDM). MDM ensures that employees can stay productive at all times while also ensuring that corporate policies are not breached.

nhance MDM – Securing Business-Critical Information

At Belmont Tech, we are committed to securing business-critical information available via handheld devices by providing end-to-end Mobile Device Management solutions to track and control the activities of devices such as tablets, mobile phones etc. We analyze the existing security infrastructure of your organization, identify loopholes, assess vulnerabilities and accordingly provide you with a cost-effective and customized solution that suits your budget and business requirements.

How nhance MDM Can Benefit Your Organization?

  • Can be customized based on the existing device policies of an organization
  • Provides a secure access to business-critical data and resources
  • Provides a centralized dashboard and self-servicing portal
  • Can seamlessly be integrated with the existing organizational infrastructure
  • Is suitable for supporting Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), COPE (Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled) and CYOD (Choose Your Own Device)
  • Increases visibility across mobile device deployment

Key Features of nhance MDM

  • Enforces data encryption
  • Enables remote wiping of data (all or only corporate data)
  • Enables remote disabling of the device
  • Facilitates device ‘time-out’ to secure idle devices
  • Enforces simple or complex passwords
  • Regular assessments and reporting to analyze device/data security

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