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Technology has changed the way the world works by blurring the barriers of distance. The world is now a smaller place as technology has made information available and accessible at the tip of our fingers. Not only have our personal lives been affected by the rapid boom in technology, but also how businesses are conducted. Therefore, businesses are not left with much of a choice but to embrace technology to stand out in the global market. We, at Belmont Tech, use our technical proficiency and experience in offering IT training solutions for boosting the learning and development of employees in the field of Information Technology.

Interactive Solutions for IT Training

We provide an end-to-end learning management solution to all levels of an enterprise. Our approach is based on a thorough assessment of the existing processes and infrastructure, challenges, business requirements, goals, and the receiving audience.

At Belmont Tech, we adopt a blended learning approach by leveraging video and app-based learning for IT training. It facilitates learning at one’s own pace and provides them with the convenience to learn anytime and from anywhere. Additionally, use of an application and video-based learning also promotes greater attention, retention, and assimilation.

Virtual Labs

Learning is best assimilated when it is accompanied by a hands-on practical experience. However, organizing a practical learning session can have a tough hit on an organization’s budget if they need to engage in the installation of the required infrastructure, application and requisite tools just for skilling their resources.

Belmont Tech provides enterprises with virtual labs for IT training so that learners can practice in different environments such as Oracle, SAP, and Java. It enables learners to put their lessons to practice through a web and browser without the need for organizations to install all the necessary application with server setup. It is indeed a unique solution that offers them with a platform to attend virtual lessons, collaborate in real-time and get a hands-on exposure of their theoretical lessons.

Knowledge Management Platform

Every organization has a repository of knowledge in its resources, systems, and processes. However, in spite of being in possession of a diverse and rich knowledge pool, the challenge often lies in identifying tacit knowledge existing within an organization and making it available to the relevant audiences.

Belmont Tech’s Knowledge Management framework has the right set of tools to help an enterprise capture tacit knowledge and preserve it for disseminating it to suitable audiences from time to time. Our Knowledge Management Platform is a centralized resource pool of case studies, training material, learning, and information that enterprises can use in their IT training sessions.

Application Training Solutions

Enterprises are increasingly leveraging high-end technology to create innovative and customer-oriented software applications. With customers showing an increased affinity for handheld devices such as smartphones, laptops and the like, it has become imperative for businesses to have a bounty of innovative applications to improve their consumer outreach and competency.

Belmont Tech’s application training solutions focus on training organizations in leveraging technology to build scalable applications integrated with rich features and supported by network distributed resources. Our technical prowess enables us to cover the entire application development cycle, right from designing requirements and testing & delivery to ongoing application support.

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