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With the proliferating rate of all kinds of crimes, smarter techniques leveraged by the perpetrators to execute notorious activities, limited patrolling resources and diminishing budgets allotted to the police department, law enforcement agencies all across the globe are crippled to tackle crimes in an effective manner. This is where predictive policing comes into the picture. It involves the use of artificial intelligence to enable prevention of crime by predicting when and where a crime is most likely to happen, thus empowering law enforcement agencies to be proactive in handling and managing such untoward events by optimizing their patrol resources.

Safe City - Creating a Safer World Using Technology

Safe City integrates available resources within a metropolis with the latest technology to facilitate rapid integration between police units and sharing of crime locations to handle crimes more efficiently. It seeks to empower law enforcement agencies by providing them with an app-based solution for crime mapping and control. Additionally, it enables a comprehensive analysis and investigation of criminal events in their aftermath to help in their prevention in the future.

It eliminates the need to approach a police station by enabling quick field reporting. Forms, reports, and applications can be digitized in a simple and user-friendly way. Police personnel can enter the requisite data on-the-go, fill the form and submit their reports to senior officials within a couple of minutes.

Key Features of Safe City

Effective Data Capture

Facilitates capture of essential data on-the-go along with an easy access to archived data and state-wise crime database anytime, anywhere. It also enables regular monitoring of CCTV working condition and availability of police personnel; photographic surveillance and identification of repeat offenders from crime database.

Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)

The CAD feature of Safe City helps in minimizing the loss of valuable time during emergencies by enabling an end-to-end management of calls for jurisdictions of all sizes. It streamlines the action plan of emergency response teams and the added feature of video and audio alerts provides updates and results in real-time.

Mapping of PIN

Safe City enables an accurate mapping of the spot/region where an offense has taken place. This helps in improving the law enforcement department’s decisions over investigations. It also enables a complete system integration to facilitate an in-depth investigation and instant access to archives and records.


The SOS feature helps in issuing instant alerts to police in case of emergencies while giving information about the nature of the crime so as to enable a steady response and action. It also facilitates maintenance of law and order during large events when police personnel are designated over a widespread area, by enabling them to track fellow police officials.

Effective Patrolling

Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) mapping feature enables tracking of fellow policemen and nearest police stations. Integration with Google Maps™ enables replay, review, and evaluation of best routes in case of emergencies. Prevention of even a single crime through predictive policing can enable a patrolling officer to use his time for the execution of other essential duties.

Offence Dashboard

Rates of incidents and offense are displayed on a single screen in the crime dashboard. The user-friendly interface allows police personnel to seamlessly coordinate with fellow team members through location sharing. Display of crime hotspots on Google Maps™ provides at-a-glance information to police personnel about incidents prevalent in a particular territory, thus enabling preparedness well in advance.

Safe City Benefits All

Crime Analysts

Safe City enables crime analysts to focus on conducting the in-depth analysis and intelligence work that they are proficient in rather than spending more time in drafting cumbersome crime maps.

Police Personnel

Ensures safety of the police personnel during execution of their duties. Boosts effective time management and optimum resource utilization by automating certain time-consuming tasks, thereby increases their efficiency and productivity.

Command Personnel

It enables command staff to schedule crime-specific targets by shift, be it any day of the week. They are able to get an idea about the average patrol levels across their territory with the help of Patrol Heat Maps.


Safe City enhances the visibility of officers in the community as it provides them with the opportunity to interact with residents, thus promoting relationship building and a higher transparency with the communities they serve.

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