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Digital, connected, dynamic – these are the buzzwords that define the current generation of students. They are used to having technology and multimedia at their fingertips right from their birth. Therefore, they have an inherent comfort level with smartphones, tablets and the like. The current generation of students demand creative methods of education and learn best through an interactive, connected and collaborative learning method. At Belmont Tech, we help address the learning needs of all levels through our custom, media-rich and dynamic K12 content.

Our Solution – nhance K12

nhance K-12 is our technology-enabled eLearning content that is custom designed and developed for local and international educational boards. It is a next generation learning platform that incorporates instructionally sound, interactive and rich content curated by experienced Subject Matter Experts. The nhance K12 platform is compatible with all browsers, and facilitates on-the-go learning experience by providing access anytime, anywhere.

How Students, Parents, and Teachers Can Benefit from nhance K12?

  • No need to carry the text books everywhere
  • Archiving of books
  • Multimedia files
  • Interactive content
  • Technology enabled
  • Best price
  • Activity Tracking
  • Online purchase of textbooks in advance
  • Instant alerts from school
  • Students’ performance reports
  • Hands-on information regarding time table, attendance and grades
  • Collaborative mode of teaching
  • Up-to-date content upgrade
  • Live classroom activities
  • High-tech multimedia files
  • Web links as references
  • Reduced workload
  • Performance tracking

What Makes Us Stand Out?

  • Standardized K12 Content: Our K12 content is curated on the basis of the guidelines and requirements of regional and international boards.
  • Innovative Curriculum: Our K12 solution supports emerging and innovative teaching and learning models, while providing engaging and competency-based content.
  • Media-rich and Interactive Lessons: We create an engaging learning experience through games, quizzes, puzzles, 3D content and other such multimedia rich models.
  • Regular Assessments: Phased assessments integrated into each lesson help monitor a student’s progress, weaknesses, and competency level.
  • Competency-based Learning: Facilitates personalized learning to drive competency and success of students.

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