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The Internet of Things (IoT) is the trending buzzword in the digital world. It has set the virtual domain ablaze with its potential of bringing the entire world in the cusps of our hands through networks and interconnected devices. These devices which constantly interact and share information with one another have much to offer to make cities, industries, healthcare, airports, homes and a multitude of other public spaces SMART.

IoT – For a Smarter and More Connected World

We are living in what is known as an Information Society, wherein the generation, transmission, and storage of information form the forefront of all our activities. Physical presence is increasingly being complemented with an electronic equivalent, to the extent that there is an entire Digital world intertwined with the physical. This has been made possible through massive leaps in the fields of Digital Electronics, Embedded Systems and Telecommunications Technology that allow us to connect with each other at lightning speeds.

The diversity of these connected devices which are a part of the Internet of Things is highly varied; from passive sensors and crystal displays to versatile actuators and command consoles. Nevertheless, these devices form the units of massive networks, constantly interacting and sharing information with each other. This is the massive potential of the incumbent digital revolution known as the Internet of Things or IoT.

IoT has the potential of maximizing the efficiency and streamlining the processes and operations of various sections of manufacturing such as product design, production line, quality control and delivery. Additionally, it aids in reducing carbon footprint and enhancing energy efficiency.

Smart Cities Powered by the Internet of Things

Today’s urban population is connected with devices that hold credentials, contact information, and gateways to online identities. But the Internet of Things can extrapolate this to cities. The Internet of Things, when drawn to its full potential, can actually power the rise of Smart Cities. What a Smart City requires to be brought into existence is a sound strategy, cutting-edge technology, and the best in the industry. We, at Belmont Tech, can be your partners in making this a reality.

A smart city would have the potential to optimize services such as Public Transport, Traffic Management, Utilities, and Sanitation, as well as bring about efficient administration and a transparent governance. Security can be seamlessly ensured across the expanse of the city using intelligent warning and alert systems combined with Smart Policing.

Our IoT-Based Products and Services

Having stepped into an era where businesses need to thrive in a highly volatile and dynamic market, it is essential for them to adopt emerging technologies to address changing customer needs along with shrinking budgets. We, at Belmont Tech, develop scalable IoT products and solutions that assist industries to connect, manage and secure technology-rich products for business evolution.

Wireless Acoustic Sensors:
Used for industrial monitoring and control, these solar-powered waterproof sensors are equipped with highly sensitive audio codec and complete with cloud data storage and analytics.

Livestock Tag:
This tag enables the geo-tagging of bovines up to a radius of 5 km from the original site. It is assisted by an LED locator and tracking can be done using a smartphone or laptop.

Wireless Termite Sensor:
This transducer-based sensor aids in termite detection at an early stage. Advanced remote sensing is used for automatic monitoring and formulation of detection parameters.

Asset Tracker:
Remote monitoring of machinery and real-time tracking of assets can be done using IoT-enabled sensors that provide the real-time location of GPS-enabled devices.

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