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Smartphones and other handheld devices are gaining increasing popularity in corporate and academic settings as they enable easy access to information and data anytime, anywhere. Additionally, the current generation of working professionals prefers to use their personal devices for work as they tend to be more advanced with better features than the equipment deployed by the company’s IT department. While enterprises understand that acting as an impediment to this inevitable mobility culture could be futile as well as damaging, it is essential for them to be aware of the benefits and risks of the same.

Why is Mobile Device Management Needed?

Employee or corporate-owned devices under the BYOD or COPE system are more vulnerable to security lapses and cyber-attacks than desktop PCs/laptops as they often lack corporate antivirus software and are not directly monitored by the enterprise’s IT staff. This vulnerability is sufficient to attract the attention of cyber criminals for targeting such devices to extract business-critical data. This is where Mobile Device Management Services come into the picture.

Mobile Device Management provides an organization the necessary visibility and IT controls that are required to manage, secure, and monitor all types of corporate or employee-owned devices that have access to business-critical data.

Highlights of Our MDM Solutions

  • Offer customization of product roadmap as per the business requirements
  • Bespoke software development services for enterprise integration and mobility
  • Offer flexibility to customers who can buy what they need, and pay for what they use
  • Include data loss prevention tools for different email types such as IMAP/POP, Zimbra etc.
  • Hassle-free experience offered by sales and support teams that are localized

What Makes BYOD a Hit?

Reduced expenditure on installation and maintenance of equipment

Reduced office space requirement (as employees have the flexibility to work from anywhere)

Decreased pressure on IT staff (as one is responsible for maintaining their own device)

Increased employee productivity and satisfaction

Key Elements of our Mobile Device Management Services

Secured Access Network
Implements role-based access and a secured proprietary algorithm-based verification to strengthen the network security

Data Security
Enables data wiping when required, remote locking, viewing and accessing of data only from any of the registered devices

Geo Tagging
Enables easy tracking and detection of devices fitted with geo-tags within the allocated locations

Email Security
Facilitates easy and secure access to the organization’s emails through a proprietary 3 stage authentication

Centralized & Intuitive Dashboard
A dashboard provides an analytical assessment of the entire device ecosystem to enable its careful monitoring and management

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