Belmont Tech provides off-the-shelf and customized retail application and software to improve customer experience and streamline business operations in the retail sector. The Point of Sales (POS) software and mobility solutions we offer come with comprehensive features, modern architecture and improved flexibility at all levels of the POS. Our solutions range from Retail Management Software for loyalty management, gift voucher issue/redemption, promotional scheme management, POS billing, customer management, employee management, data and store communication and much more.

Loyalty Management Schemes

The software automatically allots points to customers based on set rules and monitors transaction wise issue and redemption of points.

Gift Voucher Issue/Redemption

Our software shall enable you to keep track of issued/redeemed vouchers and also the validity of the issued gift vouchers.

Product Promotional Schemes

The software can support user-defined promotional schemes which can be customized as per specific data and different categories.

Our Retail Learning Management Solution Portfolio

Our Learning Solutions are aimed at arresting the high attrition rate of the staff in retail stores all across the globe. Thus, there is an urgent need to have an easy-to-access and mobile solution to disseminate product information for skilling the existing and newly added human resources in a retail outlet. Our retail application solutions empower the sales force and the retail staff to better prepare themselves for handling customers and higher brand positioning.

Our Key Differentiators


We provide you with a platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing ERP systems, analytics, loyalty and any other platform that you may be using for your business.


Our solutions are based on real-time communications which keep your retail systems up-to-date with the latest and correct data, updated as often as it is required.

Central Control

Fast and centralized interface facilitates remote software upgrade, data integrity, and locking of critical preferences across stores while allowing modifications of key details.

Flexible UI

Our solutions have an intuitive, user-friendly and adaptive UI that gives the control and flexibility that best suits your business requirements, processes, and brand.

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