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The current generation of learners is dominated by a severe affinity to smartphones, laptops and other such handheld devices, and an acute deficiency of continuous attention. Thus, the traditional pedagogies of ‘chalk and talk’ is no longer a method that is sufficient to garner the interest and attention of the modern K12 scholars. It is time that we harness the digital affinity of students to create a more interactive and engaging learning environment and prepare them to take on the challenges and competition of the real world. One such method is to digitally equip classrooms and convert them into Smart Classrooms.

Our Smart Classroom Solutions

Bespoke Learning: In order to cater to the diverse learning needs of students, our smart classrooms promote customized learning.

Greater Retention: Use of visual and audio aids and gamified and
3-dimensional learning creates a greater engagement and boosts higher understanding and assimilation amongst students.

Real-time Collaboration: Easy and effective collaboration between students and teachers facilitates seamless problem solving, sharing of knowledge, etc.

Progress Monitoring: Real-time monitoring of student’s behavior, progress and engagement are enabled through assessments, analytical reports, and other such tools.

Greater Engagement: Real-time collaboration, review, and monitoring empower teachers to understand the specific requirements of each student.

Revolutionizing the Learning Experience

Belmont Tech’s solutions for Smart Classrooms leverage interactive whiteboards and classroom management software in order to promote collaborative learning, analytical thinking, greater student interaction and involvement, a deeper understanding of concepts, and greater efficiency in monitoring students’ progress. We are involved in the entire lifecycle of smart classrooms, starting right from the evaluation of the current infrastructure, to the planning, design, implementation, and support for flagging off the project. Our Smart Classroom solutions intend to revolutionize the way learning is imparted and transform it into an engaging experience for both students and teachers.

Some Features of Smart Classrooms

Smart Devices

E-textbooks installed in notebooks, laptops, smartphones

Micro Servers

Mounted behind soft boards to allow real-time interactive platform

Digital Whiteboards

Making notes on screen in real-time, high-resolution display

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Enrich learning experience with real-time exposure

3-dimensional Learning

3D content ensures greater comprehension and assimilation

Smart Wearables

For attendance tracking and health monitoring during athletic activities

Video Sensors

For capture of lectures and other activities, and surveillance

Online Assessment

Digital administering of tests and tracking of student progress

Digital Records

Maintenance of digital records of student details, interests, evaluation and other data

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