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Networks are the integral building blocks of the digital world, and security is what assures their integrity. With businesses all across the globe adapting rapidly to the digitization frenzy to boost their competency and business output, there is an incumbent and critical need for adequate network management and security. The environment in which businesses operate is transforming rapidly, forcing a change in the business processes as well. Networks tend to be vulnerable in the midst of such makeovers. It is imperative that networks are protected against breaching, and therefore an organization’s IT Infrastructure – the stronghold of today’s business growth – must be safeguarded. This is what Belmont Tech’s Network and Security Services seek to achieve.

We, at Belmont Tech, are well-versed with the latest security concerns existing in the digital world. This enables us to provide network and security services that are at par with the latest market demands. Our practice of staying abreast of the latest technologies facilitate us to create a robust networking framework that inhibits infiltration and aligns perfectly with the organization’s business goals and security objectives.

Catering to the Network and Security Needs of an Evolving World

Educational institutions are quite vulnerable to data breaches and hence demand a robust and secure network framework. This is because their massive repertoire of sensitive and confidential data such as details of students, staff, and research, is an attractive bait for cybercriminals. Additionally, the ingress of electronic gadgets within the premises of educational institutions has made their data servers susceptible to attacks by viruses, worms, and other malware. The security and privacy of their data can be preserved by using firewalls, risk assessment, and data security implementation.

Organizations are even more vulnerable to security threats. With the constant inflow and outflow of employees and the access to latest trends by customers and partners, it has become imperative to regularly monitor the data access and privacy levels of an organization. We have sound experience in increasing an organization’s visibility over its confidential data and assets. We strive to maintain an active management of firewalls and other network security requisites to minimize the possibility of security breach. Our intuitive intelligence systems can detect security threats in real-time. We adopt a quick response and counter-action approach to prevent any damage to an organization’s network and infrastructure.

Our Network and Security Services

IT Infrastructure Network Services and Consultation

Every business is driven by a defined set of goals. We, at Belmont Tech, leverage our technical prowess to analyze your business objectives and align your IT infrastructure with them. We assess, plan, and strategize for you to achieve the requirements of your operations, as well as identify gaps in the IT framework that ought to be closed. The IT Infrastructure that you will need should be responsive and flexible, and we can assist in making that happen. To that end, we prepare a roadmap that could be followed to gradually implement design, integration, and technology in collaboration with an organization’s business goals.

Network Services for Educational Institutions

Institutions, in a way, do function like commercial organizations, complete with money handling and sensitive data. They require resources and multiple assets to function and depend on networking infrastructure, both internally and externally. Therefore, educational institutions are also quite vulnerable to data breach and loss of confidential data. Belmont Tech strives to provide services that offer security and data protection, through a secure, reliable and scalable network. Our conceptualized suite of services includes WLAN management, LAN/WAN management, Network Security Services, VoIP, Implementation Services, and much more.

Belmont Tech’s Network Security Management

Network Security Management is crucial to the defense of a vast range of organizations. We implement Network Security Management and thereby are involved in detecting, analyzing, and remediating issues in our client’s networks.
We guide you through the network planning, design, inventory management and incident resolution. We work to provide an efficient, cost-effective and flexible technology infrastructure that is cautiously monitored by our network security team, and free your efforts up to focus on your business goals and priorities.

Our Network Management Services

  • Monitoring, configuration, and troubleshooting
  • Network Management of WAN (routing and optimization)
  • Identifying loopholes and eliminating blockages
  • Network architecture maintenance
  • Adopting a proactive approach to implementing precautionary steps
  • Network Management of LAN

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