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A transcript is an individual’s progress through his academic or professional phase summarized and authorized on paper, which is the legit proof of his completion of a course/certification. Thus, educational transcripts, certificates and/or licenses are documents which are of paramount importance at every stage of an individual’s life. In the absence of a foolproof verification solution, tampering of these documents can endanger the individual’s future prospects and irreversibly tarnish the image of the institution issuing it.

We, at Belmont Technologies, are committed to preserving and protecting the integrity of students, and the brand identity of an institution through our transcript verification solution - nhance Verify. It is our secured certificate/license verification solution for combating counterfeit certificates and licenses prevailing in the market.

Our QR Code Based Verification Solution

nhance Verify is our proprietary QR code embedded, app-based, on-spot verification solution. It empowers institutions issuing and dealing with transcripts with the agility to seamlessly check and assess the legitimacy of documents.

Our globally patented secure 2D codes are custom designed and encrypted with military grade algorithms which render the transcripts impervious to mathematical pattern analysis (cracking) and brute force attack. Our solution enables a verifier to quickly verify educational documents and helps overcome the long and cumbersome processes that are conventionally used for document verification.

Decoding the QR Code Verification Process

Once the certificate/transcript gets duly signed by the authorized personnel, it gets scanned and uploaded to the nhance Verify portal. The portal then verifies the data and assigns a unique QR code for the certificate. The QR code thus received get printed on the certificate and facilitates on-the-spot verification of the transcript anytime, anywhere!

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