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Engineering continues to remain an esteemed and sought-after career. However, though every year countless engineers are generated globally, only a few of them end up doing righteous justice to their qualifications and skills. This could largely be attributed to the stagnancy in the quality of engineering content and the syllabus of engineering courses which lack real-time exposure and collaboration. While job opportunities for skilled engineers are abundant, corporates these days are increasingly on a look-out for practical and innovative thinkers. Thus, the conventional pedagogies need to be revised and updated in order to produce quality and not just quantity.

We, at Belmont Technologies, are proficient in bridging the gap between engineering education and job preparedness.

Job Oriented Curriculum

Science and Technology is an ever-evolving entity. Thus, engineering content cannot remain the same year after year. Our content solutions team help in crafting engineering curriculum that incorporates up-to-date and job-oriented engineering content. This helps institutes in generating professionals who have the potential to make a mark in the highly competitive world with their ground-breaking thinking and practical approach.

Encouraging Inquisitiveness

Our approach encourages students to raise queries and doubts, and participate in discussions and healthy arguments. Promoting inquisitiveness among students is crucial to ensure the growth of their learning, and applied thinking.

Skilled Trainers

Our blended learning approach couples innovative learning methods with classroom training by teachers having a valuable experience in imparting knowledge in engaging and innovative ways.

Practical Learning

Practical thinking is essential for handling real life situations and crises with dexterity. We seek to promote a hands-on learning experience, by incorporating virtual simulation and interactive e-modules into the conventional pedagogies.

Communication and Soft Skills Training

Communication is the key to marketing one’s skills in the highly dynamic and competitive corporate world. We create solutions that focus on development of communication and soft skills to ensure that students are prepared to perform competently at their place of work.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Our Learning Management System (LMS) aims to enrich a student’s learning experience through interactive content, flexible learning paths, collaborative learning approach, periodical assessment and analytics to review the overall performance. It comprises online tutorials, audio-visual and gamified learning, 3-dimensional learning and much more.

Interactive e-books

Our interactive e-books which are hosted and accessed via our proprietary Learning Management System – nhance LMS, can be deployed on smartphones, tablets, laptops and notebooks, and have been quite successful in garnering students’ interest, and providing on-the-go access. Such e-books are rich in interactive content such as videos, 3-dimensional models, presentations, annotated illustrations, graphics and the like. We provide a wide array of e-books encompassing all major branches of engineering such as Software Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering, Information Technology, Civil Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering.

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