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Cloud Computing offers businesses the flexibility and scalability that is required to extend and diversify their capabilities. Cloud Services offers organizations the benefits of elasticity – a firm could reduce or increase its computing needs as and when required – and scalability – the cloud could accommodate the demand for more computing resources that would arise from enterprise growth.

We, at Belmont Tech, adopt a collaborative approach to extend flexible, reliable and scalable cloud service solutions. Belmont Tech has the experience and expertise required to support and manage the leading cloud platforms of the world. With us by your side, you can choose the clouds while we take on their management, thus liberating you from the hassles of managing it yourself.

Our Cloud Management Services

Belmont Tech offers a range of cloud management services to enhance the performance and competency of a business. We translate the complexities involved in transitioning to the cloud into a seamless experience with our cloud hosting services. We seek to provide our clients with diverse and versatile services such as Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) and Platform as a Service (PAAS), as well as private, public or hybrid cloud services.

Cloud Support

We have the technical proficiency to provide cloud consultation to an organization by analyzing its cloud readiness, identifying profitable opportunities and crafting the optimal strategies for cloud transformation.

Cloud Migration

We provide assistance to facilitate a smooth cloud migration through solution integration, validation, and adequate testing which helps boost the success and speed of business operations.

Ensuring Security and Compliance

Be it public, private or hybrid cloud platforms, we help predict threats even before they arise. With integrated access control, firewalls, DDoS protection, data encryption, continuous audits, vulnerability assessments and much more, we ensure that our clients can breathe easy about data security when they collaborate with us.

Cloud Management and Optimization

With Belmont Tech’s cloud management and optimization services, an organization can rest assured about their cloud oversight. Our professionals constantly and carefully monitor the cloud performance in order to be able to predict, mitigate and solve issues quickly with cost optimization.

Our Cloud Partners


Amazon’s range of cloud services focuses on providing an on-demand computing platform. With more than 70 cost-effective and scalable services on offer which includes the database, storage, deployment, and application services, along with a robust networking and analytics, Amazon caters to all cloud computing requirements of an organization.

IBM Softlayer

IBM Softlayer’s virtual servers can be easily integrated into a smooth and automated platform that drives powerful organizational performance with its premium abilities. Their range of innovative features and robust security solutions, extensive network and continuous support and management offer increased efficiency and smooth performance.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure can be easily integrated with an organization’s existing IT framework while ensuring that all business assets are easily accessible at all times. It also helps reduce the downtime of applications in case of redirected traffic/crashes. It offers businesses the scalability, accessibility and global networking options required for its enhanced development.

Why Choose Belmont Tech?

  • Minimal capital expenditure
  • Streamlined and well-strategized processes
  • Diverse suite of hosting – Public, Private, Hybrid
  • A notable decline of operational issues
  • Optimum utilization of resources
  • Facilitates the achievement of competitive edge
  • Aid in global collaboration and networking
  • Convenient accessibility to services
  • Lifelong support, backup, and robust security framework

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