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Each year, a growing number of students are graduating from schools and colleges all across the world. While the education sector has boomed rapidly over the last decade, it is essential to create quality and not just quantity. The current corporate world rides on innovation and cost-efficient solutions. Therefore, it imperative to create scholars who are well prepared to take on a future that revolves around innovation and entrepreneurship. And hence the need to blend traditional methods of teaching with innovative learning solutions.

The Innovative Learning

We are currently in an era where innovation and entrepreneurship have taken center-stage. There is, therefore, a dire need to look beyond the traditional methods of chalk, blackboard, and textbooks to create future-ready scholars. The educational world is becoming more receptive to contemporary and innovative learning techniques that revolve around technology such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Flipped Classroom, Blended Learning and Education Technology (EdTech).

We, at Belmont Tech, have the proven expertise in understanding the specific needs of the current tech-savvy generation of scholars in conjunction with the expectations of the current corporate landscape. Hence, we have a wide range of innovative educational tools to offer – right from Augmented and Virtual Reality Solutions to learning from interactive 3D, games, and simulators. We are headed towards transforming the way an individual learns so as to make the process more applicable, interactive and practical.

Our Range of Innovative Learning Solutions

Keeping in line with the ever-changing demands of the corporate world, we create solutions that ensure that the skills acquired are never redundant. We believe in providing solutions that aid in creating future-ready individuals with a focus on constant skill up-gradation. Our acquaintance with the latest Educational Technology such as Augmented and Virtual Reality, Interactive 3D models and simulations, and mobile and gamified learning have enabled us to hand-craft solutions that our generation truly needs and deserves.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

When it comes to imparting skills, knowledge acquisition plays a central role. An immersive and engaging atmosphere enables greater retention and assimilation of knowledge. There are many approaches to facilitate such an environment, but Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) takes it several steps ahead of the rest. Augmented Reality is a means of digitally enriching the immediate environment, while Virtual Reality provides a completely new environment altogether. These technologies allow learners to interact and visualize within a 3-Dimensional environment, and close to real-time exposure.

We provide custom content-based Augmented and Virtual Reality Solutions that offer interactive walkthroughs to facilitate an effective dissemination of knowledge.

3D Solutions

An animation is a method by which images are made to change rapidly with little differences between successive images. As opposed to static images, an animation is more successful in arresting the interest and attention of the learners. 3D learning has the potential of generating higher learning retention and promoting easier grasping. Such multimedia-rich content is being increasingly consumed by learners, simply because it lets them become an active participant in the learning process.

Our 3D learning solutions are replete with interactive content, animation, videos and interactive PDFs that elicit greater attention and interest from the current generation of a limited-attention span and tech-savvy learners.

Simulated Learning

The conventional pedagogies are often ineffective in imparting practical and pragmatic lessons. Though on-site and field training attempt to fulfill these requirements, they are limited in scope, time-constrained, and not often cost-effective. This is where simulated learning comes into the picture. Simulations offer learners a realistic scenario wherein they can study the environment, and apply skills they had previously learned. Simulations effectively sharpen a learner’s understanding of a concept and boost the applicability of knowledge in real-time.

We offer innovative learning solutions that offer concept-based simulated learning that is highly interactive and domain-specific.

Gamified Learning

Gamified learning has enabled learners to look beyond the mundaneness of textbooks and classrooms. Learning through engaging in challenging, learning-oriented games has emerged as an effective way of disseminating knowledge that is understood and retained well. Additionally, game-based learning also helps inculcate a healthy competitive spirit along with team collaboration, skill enhancement, role-playing, and talent and knowledge development. It also helps develop and strengthen the sensory and motor skills that improve an individual’s overall efficiency at workplace.

We integrate gamified learning that is device-agnostic and offer the choices of being single/multi-player into our Learning Management System.

Mobile Learning

With the world becoming more and more connected, mobile learning has facilitated learning that can be accomplished anytime, anywhere. Mobile learning enables learners to collaborate, and study as a group, regardless of their actual physical locations. It has made engagement and interaction beyond the barriers of the classroom and office possible. This is why mobile learning has emerged as the first choice for reinforcement and refresher learning that demands an on-the-go access.

At Belmont Tech, we create mobile learning solutions that are specially designed for smartphones and tablets and offer both online and offline access to learning applications. Our mobility solutions can be seamlessly synchronized with web applications and devices also.

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