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Every year, about hundreds of thousands of students commence their academic specialization journeys after school. But the path to their dream universities and colleges are filled with challenges such as filling out applications, enrollment for examinations, the examination process itself, results and then admissions.

We understand the cardinal role that education and educational institutions play in an individual’s life and have captured that essence in crafting proprietary examination management software that makes the process of imparting education a joy and a seamless affair both for you, as an institute, as well as for a prospective candidate.

“Survey shows that in 2014, about 5.55 million students were enrolled in private colleges and 14.66 million in public colleges in the United States. From 1965 to 2014, total college enrollment increased by roughly 240 percent.”

How can Belmont Tech help you?

nhance CoE is a fully integrated examination management platform for online examinations. It takes care of all the steps involved in an exam right from candidate registration to the allocation of exam venues, exam scheduling and generation of mark sheets. nhance CoE’s carefully strategized framework stands up to its name by enabling a smooth functioning of the Controller of Examination Office.

We have the unsurpassed reputation of working with leading educational institutions in making the examination process a seamless progression both for the institute as well as the candidates. Our proprietary examination management software provides just the right solution for your institute while also being easy on the pocket, flexible, dynamic and user-friendly.

Smooth Management

Automation of the entire examination cycle

End to end solution hosted on cloud

Centralized data management

Exam center and invigilator allocation

Integration with SMS and Email


Anti-cheating provisions

Reduces blunders due to manual intervention

Built in security and encryption tool to abate tampering

Robust DE duplication algorithm to avoid duplicate data

Joint authoring system to author question bank


Low IT dependency

Low installation and maintenance costs

Reduces manpower required for managing examinations

Curtails cost of printing, transportation and distribution of papers

Minimizes paper work at every stage

Pre Exam

  • Processing candidate application forms
  • Entry of subject and paper details
  • Admit Card, Time Table, Centre List generation
  • Centre allocation
  • Seating plan
  • Invigilator allocation as per staff’s location preference
  • Incorporation of online/offline payment gateways

Post Exam

  • Record of internal/sessional grades
  • Record of information such as absenteeism, unfair means used during exam & withheld cases
  • Result processing and evaluation
  • Corrections to name/address and other contact details
  • Merit list generation
  • Result publishing
  • Generation of topper’s list, result withheld list, convocation list and notices, degree certificates

Our Key Differentiators

  1. Consolidated User Interface – Maintains the entire lifecycle of the examination process on a common and secure platform, offering ease of accessibility to administrators and candidates.
  2. Time-Management – Manages both online and offline examinations, real-time attendance, course regulations, fee verification, and results.
  3. Database Centric Approach – Stores, manages and aggregates all nodal points of an examination process.
  4. Result & Report Generation on demand – Its flexible report system enables users to view and analyze the results on demand. It has the provision to generate reports pertaining to conduction of exams, fee, candidates etc.
  5. Specialized Pre- and Post-Examination functions – Built-in reports as well as the development of customized reports, convocation notices. Facilitates regular update and communication through SMS and Email.

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