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Capacity building is an investment in the effectiveness and future sustainability of any organization. Belmont Technologies envisions to empower the Government in terms of its capacity to keep pace with the changing technology trends and business dynamics. This shall enhance their ability to fulfill their mission over time, and have a positive impact on lives and communities.

Why Capacity Building?

Capacity Building helps to strengthen the existing skills and identify and develop the underutilized skills that exist in abundance in the resources of a government.

Enables the government to effectively budget, collect revenue, create & implement laws, promote civic engagement in a transparent and responsible way.

Capacity development among the government workforce at the local, regional or national levels is the stepping stone towards a better and more effective governance.

Capacity Building enables the government of every nation to strive towards adopting a citizen-centric approach and building a digitally empowered and enlightened nation.

Current Challenges

  • Use of conventional approach to execute work and disseminate knowledge across multiple levels
  • Inability to cater to the ever-changing dynamic needs of individuals and the society
  • Lack of awareness and proper training on the use of digital tools to expedite work
  • The absence of regular updates on delivery structures and methods
  • Widespread geographical distribution of participants
  • Non-availability of a unified platform for imparting skills and competencies

What We Offer?

Human Resource Development
Workforce Empowerment
Consulting Services
Aligning People Process Technology
e-Governance Platform

Belmont Tech's Approach


We begin by assessing and understanding the government’s current situation, challenges and goals.


Our training regimes are specifically devised for the workforce to improve their existing skills and help them acquire new ones.


We are time-bound and make sure that we craft services that result in a maximum capacity building in optimal time.


Our strategic approach is based on cost and resource utilization while ensuring the maximum possible benefits to the government.

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