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Gone are the days of paper and pen, and of the maintenance of huge piles of log books in Government and Corporate offices. We have stepped into an era when document digitization is the talk of the town and the need of the hour to make data easily available and retrievable across an organization.

We, at Belmont Technologies, have a repertoire of resource, technology, and expertise to convert paper documents/manuscripts in multiple available formats into a standard electronic form. Document digitization thus helps reduce physical storage space, improves workflow through ease of access and retrieval of records and ensures the lifelong preservation of business-critical data.

Benefits of Document Digitization

  • Information availability via digital platforms
  • Integration and consolidation of decentralized data on a single platform
  • Ease of access, retrieval, tracking, cloning, update and usage
  • Lifetime preservation of business-critical data
  • Expedition of the work processes
  • Reduction of manual involvement
  • Mitigating potential risks related to counterfeited documents
  • Preservation of data authenticity using digital encryption

Why Belmont Technologies?

  • Our range of scanning services has the potential to scan from a wide variety of sources to any type of image formats.
  • We ensure ease of accessibility of data within a short response time by proper indexing.
  • We ensure that the retrieved data is accurate with respect to the original record.
  • Our document digitization techniques assure clear legibility of the retrieved documents.
  • We ensure easy accessibility of the digitized data to authenticated users.
  • We ensure that the electronic data suitably reflects the input of creators and editor and can be validated if required.

Our Accomplishments

Digitization of student academic credentials/examination records for leading educational Boards and Universities.

Provided scanning services to a number of esteemed customers across the globe including several European Government Agencies.

Scanning, indexing and archiving life event registrations, census record manuscripts, records of Universities and libraries, and other sources of historic content across the globe.

Our Document Digitization Tools

Book scanners to scan up to A1 size
Flatbed scanners
Book scanners with V cradle for delicate books
ADF scanners
Microfilm & Aperture card scanners that can scan from 100-600 dpi optical resolutions

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