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Data is being generated at unprecedented levels in different segments, be it corporate, academic, scientific, government, or healthcare. This has resulted from the widespread expansion of the services and customer base of businesses. Data Centers are facilities designed to host such enormous volumes of data. An ideal data center is the one that provides uninterrupted access to stored information, complete with swift storage, retrieval, and backup while also ensuring data security at all times. The demand for such storage, computation, distribution, and safeguarding of data has resulted in enterprises looking at reliable data center solution providers who can be trusted with all their data requirements.

Belmont Tech’s Data Center Services

From hardware, backup, internet access, firewalls and power distribution to load balancing, data centers require services that ought to be prudently managed for flawless data handling. We, at Belmont Tech, are a capable steward for Data Center Services, leveraging our rich experience of working in complex and critical data processing environments. With automated service delivery that promises timely response and international customer support, you can rest assured that your data center requirements shall be well taken care of. We offer three core specialized services as a part of our Data Center Services: Consulting, Cloud Computing Solutions for Higher Education, and Data Center installation.

Data Center Consulting

With our end-to-end data center consulting services, you can turn to us for any guidance on how to go about your data storage needs. Our approach anticipates business growth and scalability and creates a strategic approach for an organization’s data center requirements, right from assessment, design, and strategy to the implementation and maintenance. In case an organization already has storage processing arrangements, our consultation adds value by bringing in expert guidance through auditing/evaluation, as well as upgrades. Our solutions are in perfect sync with a business’s goals and interests and offer the right combination of interoperability and scalability to boost their overall profitability.

Data Storage for Varsities

Universities and educational institutions can seamlessly manage their data by leveraging our Cloud Computing Solutions.

  • Delivery of high quality and consistent data services for the creation of a stable ecosystem involving various stakeholders.
  • Maintenance of a high level of data privacy and security along with a reduction in capital and operational expenditure.
  • Reduction in the dependency on the handling and maintenance of multiple applications.
  • Secure usage of data by students and faculties for research and developments; combats chances of misuse and breach.
  • Speedy and secure deploying of applications and web-based services without compromising the budget for software and hardware.

Data Center Installation

Well-designed data centers are the ones which are smart in functionality and make the most out of the space they occupy. However, much assessment needs to be done before building such a facility. Details regarding location, infrastructure, fire and safety requirements, backup, optical fiber connectivity and so on can be exhaustive and yet cannot be compromised on. However, an enterprise need not concern itself with these parameters, as Belmont has the expertise to handle all such specifics. We place due emphasis on the efficiency and security of data centers. We ensure that our solutions are adequately balanced between pricing and optimal operations that drive the projected business goals.

Benefits of Our Services

We provide an all-inclusive consulting framework for installation of data centers. Our consolidated data center solutions help boost innovation while curtailing costs and enhancing security. We adopt emerging technologies and automated tools which enable the streamlining of operations, thereby enhancing infrastructural efficiency.

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