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nhance Evaluator is our cloud-based online assessment tool designed specifically for the academic institutions to manage online assessments with features to track evaluation, compare results, and generate dynamic reports using intelligent data analytics. It also ensures data security by ensuring a role-wise restricted access to the system, encrypted question paper, save-as-you-go method and a secured session for online tests. It has a comprehensive suite of applications that includes Built-in Tools for Question Authoring, Robust Approval Workflow, Scheduler and Exam Management, and Evaluation and Result Publishing.

Basic Features of nhance Exam Management System (EMS)

Benefits of Using nhance Evaluator

Customized Roles & Responsibilities
Hierarchical Course Structure
Bulk Question Paper Upload
Blueprint Technology to avoid Duplication
Web-Based Application for Easy Access
Schedule Exams to Specific User Groups
Security-Locked Question Papers
Browser Lockdown to Eliminate Malpractices
Instant Evaluation
Time Stamp Saving for Emergency/Power Outages

nhance Evaluator Caters to Every Role

  • Administrator can create academic structure, user privileges and manage the entire system as a whole.
  • Lecturer can create question banks and templates, and manage evaluation and invigilation.
  • Module Leader can author questions, and manage question paper generation, evaluation and grade system.
  • Moderator can approve question papers and publish results.
  • Students can take assessments, view grades and reports.

Evaluation & Reports

nhance Evaluator supports automatic evaluation of all question types except descriptive questions, for which there is a manual evaluation. It facilitates analytical evaluation of assessments and instant generation of examination results coupled with graphs and analytics.

nhance Evaluator is Synonymous to Secure Examinations

Role-Wise Restricted Access
Encrypted Question Papers
Secured Session for Online Tests
Save-as-go Method
Random Login Passwords for Examinees
Blueprint Technology for Question Paper Generation

Highlights of our Solutions

  • Varied Question formats: Supports multiple choice questions, true/false, fill-in-the-blanks, numerical, short answers, match the following and much more.
  • Security locked Question papers: All question papers are locked with a password to avoid misuse.
  • Flexibility: The application allows or prevents question review, changing, and re-attempting the questions.
  • Alternatives: It includes alternatives for assessment modes such as grading, ranking, reporting etc.
  • Easy integration: The assessment engine is integrated with an individual’s profile so individuals can easily monitor their performance.
  • Premium Support: We provide premium support backed by our team of seasoned professionals.
  • Evaluation: We provide an analytical report based on a summative evaluation of assessments.
  • Integrated: Our EMS platform integrates all departments of the campus/university and provides a common platform for collaboration.
  • Interactive: Has scope for interactive scorecards and dashboards.
  • Advanced: It enables embedding of videos, images, and voice as a part of questions or feedback.

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