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Statistics reveal that there is an continues  increase in the volume of commercial air travelers from year to year as more destinations become more accessible and the frequency of flights increases and more airlines coming into passenger service. Countries are therefore looking to improve their risk management capabilities by providing border control agencies, including customs, immigration and law enforcement, with key information on air travelers in advance of their travel to or departure from the country. The ability by border control agencies to identify persons of concern in advance of their arrival or departure is considered significant in supporting a government’s commitment to ensuring the safety and security of its citizens. It is also a key component of any risk management program and can help facilitate travel for low-risk passengers. Control agencies now prefer a more selective approach based on intelligence analysis, behavioral patterns, risk management, and other efficient methods.

Air travel security has changed dramatically over the past decade. Overnight, Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) went from being a voluntary initiative in some countries to being a priority for many. The importance of APIS in particular, calls on states to require airlines operating in their territories provide advance passenger information to the appropriate national authorities to help identify individuals with links to terrorism, organized crime or other serious crimes and report on their movements.


Belmont APIS solutions delivers the passenger information to the government in order to understand who will be traveling to, from and through your country. Our Solutions provides everything needed to transform border security and facilitate the travel experience and this is achieved through:

  • Intelligence
  • Comprehensive insights to improve border operations
  • Information
  • Optimized traveler interactions

Belmont APIS makes sure Government agencies always have the right information when they need it, helping them make better-informed decisions

By integrating traveler data for both passengers and crew, it creates a single window platform to integrate into existing systems and security procedures.

  • Match complete dataon travelers against internal government databases
  • Non-compliant data is flaggedto Airlines  for review and resubmission
  • A full, safe and secure data feed to assure quality and completeness

How it helps

Belmont APIS solutions delivers the passenger information to the government in order to understand who will be traveling to, from and through your country. Our Solutions lets you transform border operations and improve your traveler experience. It enables you to:

Have complete situational awareness of your borders

Improve efficiency and speed of processing low-risk travelers

Lower the cost of dealing with unwanted and inadmissible persons

Ensure Efficient and Effective Border Management

Key Features

Belmont APIS solution consolidates all Passenger information received from the airlines departure control system into a single easy-to-use stream. It allows the Government agencies to have confidence in the quality, format and the data submitted. Our APIS solution is the most comprehensive suite of border management products available today and is designed and developed based on acceptable and prescribed International Standards. Benefits to border management and aviation security:

  • It allows for the reduction of the workload of border management officers through the use of technology and automated means.
  • It improves citizens’ perception of security and contributes to a faster processing of bona fide travelers.
  • It can complement existing data vetting processes, such as checking the passports of individuals travelling internationally against watch lists and databases
  • Enhances aviation security.
  • Allows for real-time document validation against databases and allows national authorities to make board/no-board decisions in real time.
  • Reduces carriers’ exposure to penalties for undocumented passengers or passengers whose official travel documents are not valid
  • To benefit from the value-added analysis of Passenger data for shared security/safety purposes
  • Passengers to benefit from basic protection and safe Travel.
  • Minimization of the cost to National Security
  • Accuracy of information
  • Completeness of data
  • Efficiency of data management/risk management.

Why choose Us

  • Connects securely to the existing government system
  • Compliant with all international watch list legislation
  • Militarized data protected through multiple layers of security
  • Provides details of every traveler before they enter or leave the country
  • Increasing quality and notifying carriers of any errors by brings together multiple data formats in one feed
  • Delivers data in industry standard format
  • Detects threats early with the maximum possible time for risk assessment
  • View all carrier data in a single window
  • Gives complete understanding of who is trying to enter the country by using API data
  • Provides warning to stop persons of interest automatically by raising alerts on the entry/exit system
  • Monitors and reports on compliance of data provided
  • Enables collaboration with other countries
  • Easily manageable and managed infrastructure
  • Optimised and improved cost management of services
  • Decisions and priorities proactively aligned with business outcomes and not technology
  • More visibility in alignment with the business
  • 24×7 ITIL-compliant solutions with Customized Service Management such as:
  • Client Service Managers
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Performance Reporting
  • Enhanced Service Desk support
  • Proactive and real-time monitoring, event detection and correlation system
  • Integrated end-to-end processes
  • Skilled and certified Professional experts
  • Responsible and responsive
  • Building long-term relationships and success
  • Committed to service excellence

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