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Learning is not limited to the walls of an educational institution alone. Enterprises are also involved in training their employees on various business functions to promote the acquisition of cross-functional skills and boost efficiency and performance. Our adaptive enterprise learning management system – nhance LMS – strives to empower both learners and trainers by enabling quick access anytime, anywhere. It also facilitates cost reduction of training materials and on-site trainers and boosts learner engagement like never before.

nhance LMS (Enterprise) – A Summary

Maximize learning impact by connecting learning outcomes with your business goals




Data Analytics




Resource-rich lessons
Online content

Key Features of Enterprise nhance LMS

Key Differentiators

  • Custom Platform for Enterprises: We create bespoke LMS solutions for your enterprise after a thorough analysis of existing processes, challenges and requirements.
  • Covers Global Learner’s Needs: Our diverse and up-to-date content repository and interactive learning environment helps create globally competent individuals.
  • Scalable Architecture & Inter-Operability: nhance LMS is scalable to all sizes and types of organizations, and makes it easy to integrate already existing content into the LMS.
  • Agility: Ready-to-deploy functionality enables launching courses with agility and facilitates monetizing learning initiatives immediately.
  • Device, Database, & Platform Agnostic: Learning content can be created and accessed on any device and anytime, from anywhere. Easy integration of LMS on diverse databases and platforms.
  • Comprehensive Dashboard: Custom dashboard integrates robust analytics and reports to apprise learners and trainers of progress, pending and completed tasks, achievements and improvement areas, to boost learning efficiency.

Our Promise

Web-based Content and User Management

Seamless Integration with Existing LMS

Mobile Device Management

Content Enhancement & Conversion

Easy creation, uploading, organization and updating of content in the form of programs and courses. You can also incorporate pricing in them and control whom to share it with and on which platform (mobile/web).

Our LMS works in harmony with your existing LMS and is at par with global standards such as SCORM, LTI etc. Also, can blend with any other in-house built custom LMS without causing any hindrance to existing processes.

Device/user level control facilitated by advanced DRM. Easy management and monitoring of content consumption and activities of students. You can efficiently manage who consumes what.

Our platform enables consumers to update and enrich existing content to make it more engaging, resource-rich and mobile-agnostic using tools provided by us or by delegating it to our academic team.

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