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Enterprises across the globe are increasingly deploying high-performance software applications across multiple departments and functions of the organization. This has become imperative to keep up with the fast-changing technological landscape and to drive positive business results from automation. In order to stay ahead of the game, businesses need to focus on rolling out superior-quality applications that offer a seamless customer experience. This brings with it the challenges of managing the complexities of the entire enterprise application development process which has led to a rethinking and reinvention of an organization’s approach to application testing.

Belmont Tech’s Application Testing Services

We, at Belmont Tech, assist organizations in shaping their digital future with our application testing services. We ensure that they are able to keep up with the challenges and demands of the current technological landscape and strive towards continuous efficiency and quality. Our range of testing services that span across a gamut of industries, digital technologies and applications ensure that we keep an organization one step ahead of the others.

Software Product Testing

It is the series of robust testing services that render software solutions fool-proof. We, at Belmont Tech, are empowered by a skilled repertoire of QA testers who ensure exceptional results by a careful testing of all our software applications. Additionally, we also offer independent software testing services.

Automated Functional Testing

We use precisely developed scripts that help verify the functional perfection of any software. We fulfill our promise of assuring a fully-functional and stable software application by automation testing that enables us to increase the test coverage while also cutting down on the time and cost associated with product testing.

Manual Functional Testing

Our highly skilled team of QA testers execute the necessary logical tests to ensure that the developed software not only performs as required but also responds adequately to ad-hoc queries. We also perform checks as an end-user to debug any missing links that may affect its performance.

Load Testing

The efficiency of software applications during high demand times is analyzed by checking its performance under regular and peak load conditions. We leverage the right software tools that ensure that your business is prepared to handle high-demand conditions by analyzing the website’s performance in peak times.

Usability Testing

In order to ensure that a software application meets the requirements and demands of the end-user, we leverage various black box testing methods. We are committed to providing users a hassle-free and everlasting experience for which we perform an end-to-end test, right from UI testing to navigational comfort.

UI Testing

We perform various manual and GUI tests to ensure that the application is ready to meet the demands of the end-user. We employ various techniques to assess the software for data integrity, correctness of screen validations, navigational control and accuracy, and several others UI functions and features.

Our Key Differentiators

Software Testing Solutions that are flexible (TaaS, TCoE, Consulting, Pricing models that are fixed/outcome-based).

A rich resource pool of skilled and certified software testers who can handle a wide range of applications.

We leverage the right combination of proprietary frameworks, application testing tools, resources, and methods.

Near-zero defect outcomes help us to assist businesses in mitigating potential business risks.

Our application testing services span across various geographical locations and industry segments.

Our highly optimized processes ensure the right ROI on application testing solutions for any type of business.

We leverage reusable assets such as process and automation for high-speed initiation of projects.

Multiple models of delivery such as multi-shore, onsite, offshore and near-shore.

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