The human resource management system in most of the generation-old organizations continues to adhere to conventional standards and methods, wherein the main challenge is the presence of enterprise data across multiple systems. These systems are usually not integrated with one another which result in users being dependent on several systems for data. This makes the system quite cumbersome, creating accessibility issues from time to time. This has the potential of costing an enterprise its valuable time and can jeopardize the flow of business in a tacit way. Therefore, the need of the hour for an organization is an integrated system which provides easy access across multiple levels through a mobile or web interface, and also reduces errors due to manual involvement.

The Human Resource Management Lifecycle

The entire human resource management lifecycle is a cumbersome and lengthy process comprising the recruitment process, routine assessments/appraisal, and succession planning. The recruitment part starts with the initiation of a new request or replacement, screening of candidates through online and offline assessments, CV sorting and interview management, and commences at the on-boarding of the freshly recruited employees. This is followed by induction, competency-driven training plans, employee self-service, assessments, analytics, and reports.

Belmont Tech’s Solution for HR Management

We leverage the mobility of smartphones, laptops, and other such handheld devices that dominate the existing corporate landscape to create mobile or web-based solutions that ease the flow and accessibility of data across multiple levels and hierarchies. Our human resource management solutions can easily be incorporated into the current applications of an organization to enable an end-to-end management of the Human Resource lifecycle, while also ensuring integration and transparency across all levels.

Connecting Learning, Accessibility, and Analytics

Our Human Resource Management Solutions integrate our proprietary Learning Management System (LMS) right from the onboarding of an employee. It strives to provide a clear roadmap to the employee in terms of the expectation from his designated role, career roadmap, succession planning and training assignments. It aims to address the unique learning requirements of individual employees and supports collaborative and gamified learning to boost engagement and interest. It also comes with the added advantage of enabling management teams/trainers to track the progress and performance of learners during their entire career span in the organization.

Belmont Tech is committed to providing secured, mobility-based solutions which would be integrated with the central system and enable fetching of real-time data while accessing it anytime and from anywhere.

Our HR Management Solutions also support an employee’s performance reports and analytics. This enables trainers, managers and the HR team to monitor competency, training requirements and learning progress of an employee.

Salient features of our SSHR solutions

Completely customizable
Anytime, anywhere access
Seamless integration
Single place for all services
Increases employee engagement
Maximum output in minimum time

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