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Educational transcripts or certificates are such documents which are crucial at every stage of an individual’s life. Any tampering of these documents can potentially jeopardize the student’s future prospects, as well as, irreversibly tarnish the image of the educational institution issuing it, and bring discredit to the nation as a whole. We, at Belmont Technologies, are committed to preserving and protecting the integrity of students, and the brand identity of an institution with our secure transcript solutions.

Our Secure Transcript Solution safeguards an institute from disrepute by identifying fake applicants, counterfeited documents and securing confidential student/institution details. We have years of experience in consulting institutions and providing them cost-effective and innovative security solutions that are integrated with highly secure anti-counterfeiting technology & verification approaches.

Services for Transcript Security

  • We are committed to providing an end-to-end secure transcript service, starting right from conceptualization, to the design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and after sales service.
  • We pride ourselves on designing, developing, and printing tamper-proof papers that incorporate multiple levels of security. We also deploy anti-counterfeit envelopes to ensure protection of the documents contained within.
  • Track and trace features embedded into the documents enable easy verification and authentication by detecting time stamps and geo tags among others.
  • Easy on-spot verification from mobiles and other mediums of access, coupled with hassle-free generation of verified documents anytime, anywhere.

Our Scope

Our globally patented 2D codes are encrypted with military grade algorithm that renders it unbreakable to hackers. Unlike serial numbers and other encryption methods, which can be cracked and duplicated, the encryption that we leverage does not yield to mathematical pattern analysis and brute force attack.

  • Special papers for printing
  • Embedded security features (Fixed Data)
  • Accessories to read the hidden features (UV Light, Microscope, Image Scanner Film)
  • Biometric Sensor
  • Server with Portal & QR Registry
  • Licenses (Portal & nhance Verify)


Our solutions can protect an educational institution from disrepute caused by counterfeited documents, by identifying tampered documents and fake applications and maintaining the confidentiality of student records.


We have the technical knowlegde and experience to anticipate possible issues and offer solutions for speedy action. We understand the specific requirements of our clients and create solutions specific to their needs.


High-quality military-grade encryptions, 2D secure codes and robust anti-counterfeit designs integrated into the transcripts render them virtually impossible to duplicate and tamper.


Our solutions offer a secured accessibility to confidential information anytime and anywhere. The reliability and authenticity of such information are facilitated by on-spot verification.

Belmont Tech’s Role in Curbing Fake Halal Certifications

The global market is currently flooded with non-secure and fake Shariah Compliant certificates. Such zero-value documents have the potential of disrupting the faith and trust that is associated with the Halal Industry worldwide.

Belmont Technologies has partnered with esteemed certifying bodies such as Halal in providing secure transcript solutions to them. Our secure transcript solution, nhance Verify, helps such bodies curb the circulation of fake Shariah compliant transcripts in the market. We use a combination of physical and digital security features such as QR code in the transcripts. These features ensure easy verification of the authenticity of such documents and also render them impossible to replicate.

Benefits to Various Stakeholders

Halal Certification Agencies 

It helps them build and secure the brand through granting and claiming of genuine certificates, thus upholding the trust in this industry.

Government/Regulatory Bodies

Digital presence of vendor/certification agencies enables them to maintain their records in real-time and also conduct checks and audits on quality and authentication.


They can avail of genuine Shariah-compliant services and products while avoiding manual verification, thus retaining the confidence between the vendor and consumer.

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