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Although educational institutions all across the globe are fast catching up with technology-enabled learning and management, what they expect on this front is a proficient partner who is ready to invest time and expertise in identifying their current challenges and providing educators with innovative, adaptable and scalable solutions to revolutionize the process of learning. Belmont Tech is committed to providing educational institutions with a diverse portfolio of products and solutions to execute seamless administration of students and teachers and to make learning an activity that is worth the time and effort put by both learners and educators. Our LMS aims to explore emerging technologies, delivery platforms and world-class content to create a culture that supports outcome-based learning and performance.

The Present and Future of Learning

The current generation of learners belong to a hyper-connected world with more people and fewer resources and one that is busy, competitive and full of uncertainties/challenges. A world which is more mobile and qualified than ever before. They are headed towards a future which has multiple opportunities in terms of careers but which demand pragmatism rather than mere qualifications.

Interactive and practical learning is essential to ensure that concepts taught to students are not merely absorbed but also applied in practical, real-life situations. The current education system bears the onus of making them ready for the challenges in the future that awaits them. The future of learning revolves around personalized, applied, learner-driven, cost-effective and technology-centric learning.

Why Belmont Technologies?


Our diverse range of content formats are all SCORM compliant (including SCORM 2004 and SCORM 1.2)

Content Security

Content security and IP protection on mobile devices is ensured with an advanced 3 layer encryption


Learning content can be developed and accessed on multiple devices; enabling anytime, anywhere learning


LMS contains audience-specific, practical and pragmatic learning modules created by highly skilled SMEs


24 X 7 connectivity & collaboration, and live quizzes promote learning that continues beyond the classroom


nhance LMS enables you to convert invaluable content created over the years into digital format to preserve it forever.

Easy integration

Advanced API integration and simple interface offers seamless and easy integration with the existing LMS


Easy deployment of learning content on-premise or cloud, across multiple databases and platforms

Benefits of nhance LMS Mobile Application

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