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With the dynamic change in the learning landscape, it is imperative for organizations to explore and adopt an innovative approach to learning and development. Organizations these days are putting a greater emphasis on productive learning rather than participative learning that would cater to diverse learning needs and styles. This makes the need to deploy innovative and unique L&D programs even more essential.

Belmont Tech has a range of customized content solutions that strives to deliver relevant and impactful learning experiences. Even if an organization already has an L&D initiative in place, we ensure that we add more value to it and improve its overall effectiveness. We take pride in our repertoire of learning resources which includes a highly skilled team of SMEs, instructional designers, graphic designers, content analysts and writers, editors, quality experts, and translation specialists. This enables us to provide organizations with a range of delivery alternatives to meet its unique learning and development needs.

Our Custom Content Solutions

Belmont Tech’s integrated learning platforms that are compliant with SCORM/AICC/TinCan/508 enable an organization to explore multiple content delivery channels such as simulation and games, as well as collaborative and classroom training. This allows organizations to deliver an outstanding and powerful learning experience while also taking care of diverse learning challenges.

We ensure that the content delivered through an organization’s L&D program is engaging and unique by leveraging delivery channels that are media-rich and customizable. This also helps ensure maximum assimilation by the learners and improve performance and productivity. Our range of customized content solutions helps take care of everything, right from customized content development, migration of classroom/Instructor-led learning to e-learning, to game-based learning and business simulations.

Why Choose Belmont Tech’s Custom Content Solutions?

Industry Specific Learning

We have a repertoire of highly skilled Subject Matter Experts catering to diverse fields. They are adept at leveraging the latest in technology and evaluating current trends of industry requirements. This enables them to devise content that ensures the optimal experience for a specific industry.

Flexible Training Modes

We help create an engrossing and dynamic learning experience by adopting a device-agnostic and multi-channel training approach. This helps in deploying and delivering learning experiences that are flexible and accessible on multiple channels and devices (desktop, tablets, and smartphones).

Media-rich Interactive Content

Our customized content is enriched with crisp audio, high-definition graphics and smart animation. This, along with a multi-channel delivery approach provides learners with the flexibility and engagement required to boost their assimilation and interest.

Promoting Optimal Learning Solutions

We help an organization provide a personalized and engaging learning experience by providing them with multi-channel and multi-level content solutions. This ensures that the learning and development program caters to different levels of learning capacity and expertise.

Goal and Learning-Oriented Content

Our personalized learning solutions strive to meet an organization’s specific requirements. By analyzing their business goals and learning objectives, we are able to design, develop and deliver content solutions that maximize a learner’s assimilation and are aligned with their business outcomes.

Personalized & User-Centric Approach

We provide a customized and collaborative learning support that caters to specific and diverse learning requirements and challenges. Our customized learning solutions provide the perfect combination of formal and social learning opportunities.

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