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Be it a corporate setting or an educational institution, providing anytime, anywhere access to business-critical information to employees or stakeholders these days is an unavoidable and rather necessary activity. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), COPE (Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled), and the latest CYOD (Choose Your Own Device) trending in corporate and academic realms these days has surely reaped benefits for all but it also calls for an effective data security management to prevent unauthorized access, malware intrusion and data breaches.

Belmont Tech’s proprietary 3 FACTOR authentication is based on robust encryption methodologies and offers an end-to-end control and monitoring of networks so as to eliminate potential security threats and infiltrations.

Working of Our 3 FACTOR Authentication

Our 3 FACTOR authentication is based on mapping the physical identity of the user to the server in order to facilitate the security of the financial and other vital systems. Such a user-based authentication technique not only helps mitigate online frauds, financial frauds, and data/identity thefts but also helps identify habitual cybercriminals.

Parameters on which User Verification is Based

  • Some such information which only the user has (email ID/phone number/security questions)
  • Some such information which only the user knows (password & user ID)
  • Unique biological features of the user (biometrics)

Belmont Tech’s 3 FACTOR Authentication System

Our 3 FACTOR Authentication System is based on a triple identification method where the user ID and password are verified at the active directory level, and a randomly generated One Time Password (OTP) enables the second stage of verification along with the 3 FACTOR proprietary verification.

3 Levels of Verification

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