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Information Technology is the cornerstone of today’s businesses. In an astoundingly short time, IT has emerged from being a mere convenience to a basic necessity for the global economy. If an organization’s IT framework starts malfunctioning, the whole enterprise crashes like a pack of cards. However, the astute management of the IT functions of an enterprise requires considerable investments and efforts and demands skilled resources, expertise and time. This becomes a challenge for most organizations as they struggle to focus on their core domain while trying to manage their IT backbone. An effective solution to this is to procure Managed IT Services offered by an able and reliable partner.

Belmont Tech’s Managed IT Services

Belmont Tech’s managed IT services for enterprises enable them to handle their technology infrastructure with operational excellence, along with the ability to instantly manage and resolve disruptions. Our managed IT services take care of the entire IT requirements of an organization in a time-bound manner so as to keep the business on the move. With services spanning physical equipment, virtualization, automation tools, and applications, we make sure that you do not view IT management as a challenge but keep focusing on your core business goals. Our value proposition lies in maximizing your business infrastructure and assets and thereby supporting and strengthening your core operations

Challenges That Can Be Overcome with Our Managed IT Services

Susceptibility to security risks, breaches and other vital issues that may jeopardize the business’s reputation and functions

Different customer locations resulting in slow response time regarding business applications

Achieving high operation and uptime of business infrastructure and applications

Expansion of the business across multiple geographic locations to keep pace with the business growth

Discrepancy in the management of a synchronized growth of the operations and infrastructure of a business

Use of non-standard IT management, and monitoring tools and techniques

Infrastructure Management

Belmont Tech’s Infrastructure Management Services include automation tools, ready integration options, strong network security, and quicker issue resolution. We apply world-class practices in our end-to-end IT management services to ensure the best results for your business. We provide a smart, efficient and cost-effective IT infrastructure management that can be the game-changers for your business.

Application Management

Our Application Management Service is an extensive offering ranging from application analytics and insights, customized management modules, proactive maintenance, and steps to improve transition. Our database of recognized errors and solutions enable faster resolution of issues. Additionally, instant alerts on detection of a problem enable quicker identification and resolution of problems.

Our Key Differentiators

Comprehensive IT service

Proactive Monitoring

Service-Based Analytical Insights

Data Center Migration

Management of Data Centers

Support Hybrid Environment

Automated Service Delivery Method

Infrastructure Analysis

Recovery and Backup

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