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Every industry requires the cream of skilled manpower to boost its output and efficiency. This calls for a structured assessment process for evaluating an individual’s competency for specialized job roles. Also, regular assessments are the key to analyzing performances in the government, educational and corporate sectors. However, the process of conducting and evaluating such assessments, followed by the generation of performance reports can become quite cumbersome at times.

We, at Belmont Tech, are committed to providing technologically mediated online assessment solutions to educational institutions, universities, government organizations, and business enterprises for conducting and managing online assessments. Regardless of the type of industry, we are prudent in understanding the specific skill requirement and recruitment challenges of a particular industry. This enables us to provide you with scalable online assessment solutions that are best suited for your organization.

Journey to the Clouds

Our home-grown cloud-based assessment solution, nhance Evaluator, helps you to seamlessly take care of recruitment screening, training evaluation, post-training assessment and skill assessment.

Our online assessment solutions can cater to all types of examination such recruitment examination, internal examination and competitive examinations. It offers features such as dynamic role allocation, question bank creation, question paper authoring, grades tracking, intelligent data analytics, and generation of intensive reports with visual dashboards.


Choice of various question paper formats – Multiple Choice, True/False, Fill-in-the-blanks, numerical, Hotspot etc.


Based on the requirement, the application allows or prevents question review, changing, and re-attempting of questions

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration with an individual’s profile which enables easy monitoring of their performance.


A multitude of assessment modes like grading, ranking, reporting etc is available.


Our veteran professionals are always there to provide premium support.


Password protected question papers ensure maximum security and avoid misuse.

What makes us stand apart?


We understand our clients and treat their requirements in an exclusive way by providing customized solutions.

Widespread presence

Geographical location has never been a challenge for us as our services extend over multiple locations where we conduct online assessments in specialized, secure, and technically advanced test centers.


Based on your assessment requirement, we offer a range of deployment models such Cloud-based, On-Premise, and Hosted models.

All-inclusive suit

Our solution offers a systematic, intuitive and accurate process for customized results.

Device Agnostic

Our clients can seamlessly manage, modify, enhance or optimize the platform based on the requirements of the test.


The app version of our software which is linked to our web portal helps make life easy by letting users take examinations on the go, while also ensuring that clients are regularly updated with test results.

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