e-Visa is an official document permitting entry to travel within a certain country. The e-Visa are linked electronically to the traveler’s passport and is an alternative to visas issued at the ports of entry or visiting an embassy/consulate to obtain traditional paper visas. Through easy-to-use online application forms, the whole visa process is quick and simple. We also use best practices when it comes to protecting your data, credit card and banking details.

The eVisa Management System utilizes secure application portal, which can be accessed from any browser-based system. This includes, but is not limited to: computers, tablets, smart phones and kiosks conveniently located at consulates, embassies and immigration checkpoints The system is linked to a central visa database through a secure Internet connection and provides governments and immigration officials with the proper data and information needed to confirm a traveler’s identity with confidence at each stage of the immigration process. The eVisa also pairs perfectly with Immigration Control System, which empowers immigration officers by utilizing advanced systems

and providing proprietary intelligent information used to identify potential security risks and criminal activity. By integrating these advanced security solutions, countries will be communicating to the world that they are taking an active role in enhancing traveler safety by investing into advanced security solutions for immigration ports. By saving travelers’ time and eliminating many of the hassles associated with obtaining a visa today, the system streamlines the visa application process, and inevitably increases the amount of visitors to countries, helping international business and boosting local economy.

Using an e-Visa portal, applicants can simply create an account and follow a predefined work flow.

Benefits Of e-visa

  • Increase security
  • Efficient and effective identity verification
  • Lower processing and issuance costs
  • Reduced queues and the staff workload at airports, embassies and consulates
  • Increased integrity of the borders
  • Increased number of visitors and revenue generated from the tourism industry
  • The system provides an automatic, real-time background and black list checks
  • Improved travel experience with a quick and easy application process for Traveler
  • No long queues at the consular office or embassy, logistics with an improved application process
  • 24/7 access to a secure visa application portal
  • Better protection against illegal immigration and identity theft

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