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It is essential for businesses to invest in continuous learning and development in order to boost innovation, progress, and success. This calls for the right Learning Management System (LMS) that supports customized learning and facilitates effective cross-functional knowledge sharing. Thus, it is essential for organizations to choose the right learning platform solutions. This would help to ensure that all stakeholders of the organization such as employees, vendors, customers, and partners are benefitted from the LMS.

Knowledge Access Simplified and Revolutionized

Belmont Tech’s Learning Platform Solutions have a flexible deployment model and can easily be integrated with the organization’s existing applications. Our integrated LMS Solutions come with a scalable architecture and interoperability. They adopt a unified learning delivery approach that acts as a central support for collaboration, course creation, training, assessments, reports/analytics and knowledge sharing.

The Enterprise Learning Management Systems that we have to offer cater to diverse industry needs. Belmont Tech leverages its diverse repertoire of technical, language and domain-specific resources to curate learning solutions that cover the global learner’s needs. With our learning solutions that are this customizable and flexible, an organization can easily implement the solution (online, offline, blended) that best suits their objectives and learning strategy.

Basic Features of our Learning Platform Solutions

Learning Delivery and Management

It is essential for an organization to ensure that its learning initiatives are fulfilling the set learning objectives and that they comply with the necessary regulatory requirements. Our customizable and well-structured learning platform solutions are integrated with comprehensive performance metrics that facilitate performance monitoring and measurement of course effectiveness.

Diverse and Personalized Learning Programs

We help create a personalized learning program by leveraging our strong authoring framework. We help an organization meet the learning needs of varied learners having different learning styles by curating learning programs that blend new and existing learning materials. Our learning platform solutions come with collaborative workflows, content management tools and analytics, pre-configured and customizable templates and an easy one-click delivery of content across multiple devices. This is significant in helping an organization curtail their time and cost.

Efficient Decision-Making

Our LMS Solutions are built with comprehensive analytics and dashboards that provide an analytics-based insight into an organization and provide a consolidated view of the entire learning chain. These intuitive reporting modules are helpful in making further improvements and enabling the measurement of learning effectiveness.

Maximum and Optimal Use of Content

Our blended learning solutions enable the timely dissemination of content through content reuse. This helps simplify the process of content assembly and delivery which in turn facilitates timely delivery. One can effectively cater to different learning styles and types by combining available content with new content, reducing content turnaround time and delivery costs.

Learning Content Management

With our LMS solutions, it is easy for an organization to manage any preferred learning path – single or mixed-mode – within a single learning program. One can effectively manage multiple learning modes and a diverse range of content with our learning solutions. This enables an organization to make the most of their learning objectives by personalizing it to every learner’s specific requirements.

Comprehensive Reports, Analytics and Dashboards

We have made it easy for organizations to monitor a learner’s progress and experience through the comprehensive analytics and reports integrated with our LMS solutions. Such reports offer significant insights into the learning program that helps create learning strategies and roadmaps, track progress and performance, improve its effectiveness as well as measure its impact on the business.

Basic Features of our Learning Platform Solutions

Customizable as per an organization’s learning objectives

Integrated with skill assessment and competency mapping

Custom dashboards that are user-friendly and device-agnostic

Can be easily integrated with existing systems

Compliance with latest industry standards including TinCan API

Flexible deployment model – SaaS/Cloud/On-premise

Comprehensive analytics to measure training effectiveness and progress

Easily adaptable to changing learning trends due to scalable architecture and interoperability

Refresher Learning and Training reinforcement supported by mobility solutions

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