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Electronic Visa (e-Visa) has emerged as a total game changer and one of the most convenient and revolutionary services in the travel industry. e-Visa not only enables a government to efficiently manage the visa application process entirely in a virtual environment, but provides a visa applicant with the unmatched convenience of applying for their visa from the location of their choice. An e-visa system can help to streamline processes and ensure accountability for governments, travelers and tourism agencies.

Benefits of e-Visa are:

  • e-Visa solutions can help government to maintain and increase security measures:
  • Control and Tracking system allows government organizations to track visa applications in real-time.
  • The system provides an automatic, real-time background and black list checks.
  • The electronic ID documents can be verified during the electronic visa application process.
  • Payments: When it comes to the visa fee processing, the system may require that the applicant and the payment cardholder are one and the same person.

Belmont e-Visa solution make visas electronically secure and functional. Governments greatly benefit from the implementation of electronic it offers a complete e-Visa verification and issuance solution which is an innovative and highly secure online visa solution and also enables visa applicants to apply for their visa online in no less than 3 to 5 minutes, through a user-friendly E-Visa portal. Belmont e-Visa solution includes a portal for online visa application, visa application approval and visa printing and also provides integration with external systems for applicant verification and visa status checks (e.g. visa status online check from border control). We provide complete solutions, meaning that we deliver with complete infrastructure, which is fully integrated with documents. Our solutions are independent, can be integrated with any equipment.

How does an e-Visa work?

Everything is done via the Internet, in simple and user friendly manner

  • Visa applicant fills online application form and uploads all required document scans
  • Applicant confirms the information and he/she is redirected to external payment system
  • Applicant provides credit card details in payment system and payment system collects the fee Payment system redirects the applicant back to Visa online portal and provides payment status and payment reference to the portal
  • Applicant receives application confirmation and application reference (reference is used for later application status tracking)
  • Complete Visa application is stored in Case Management system and it initiates verification process
  • Case management system requests person verification from various systems (vetting providers and receives responses).
  • Identity Management allows authorities to carry out high quality biometric deduplication, identity conflict management and resolution.
  • Visa approval officer reviews responses and verifies all provided data according to internal visa application verification rules (e.g. all documents provided, invitation provided, addresses provided, payment is correct etc.).
  • After review approves the Visa application and updates application status in Case Management system to “approved”.
  • Visa issuing center operator receives application’s Visa status update, prints Visa and sticks it in the Passport or sends the printable visa by mail to the applicant.
  • Upon arrival identity and e-Visa status is checked and the holder admitted in the country.

Benefits of implementing e-Visa for Government

  • Benefits for governments Increase security
  • Efficient and effective identity verification
  • Lower processing and issuance costs
  • Reduced queues and the staff workload at airports, embassies and consulates
  • Increased integrity of the borders
  • Increased number of visitors and revenue generated from the tourism industry

Benefits for passengers:

  • Improved travel experience with a quick and easy application process
  • No long queues at the consular office or embassy.
  • Logistics with an improved application process 24/7 access to a secure visa application portal
  • Better protection against illegal immigration and identity theft

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