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Belmont Technologies offers a highly consolidated electronic registry of citizens for national governments. This ground breaking initiative would provide every single citizen of a country with a unique electronic identification. With a highly connected world embracing digitization, a national electronic registry of unique identifications for all residents would usher in a new era of stability, progress and transparent governance. It would go on to lay the foundations for long-term economic improvement and enable citizens to reap the dividends of various government and foreign investments, thereby improving the quality of life.

Benefits of Having a Unique National Identification

Each identification card would contain all the personal details of the holder along with a unique identification number that cannot be replicated. This enables citizens to apply for bank loans, government benefits, and facilitates fair elections. Additionally, it would also enable law enforcement agencies to crack down on organized crime, money laundering, and other trafficking operations.


  • A unique identification would stabilize the economy through reformations in tax collection
  • The unique identification system would allow governments to formulate legal frameworks to regulate various industries and implement numerous reforms
  • Such a system would usher in a seamless flow of information between government agencies and significantly restrict corruption and misgovernance
  • Prevent forgery of documents for various types of criminal operations
  • Enable governments to invest several forms of welfare schemes
  • A unique national electronic identification would enable the government to attract foreign investments that boost employment

Having a secure electronic national electronic registry of citizens enables swift conclusion of court cases and through fair judicial processes and greatly reduces the chances for malpractice. All of which would enable the government to uphold constitutional rights and protect civil liberties.

Government Must Stay Ahead By Modernising its Identity Documents

Efficient and Streamlined Services

vast range of both physical and e-government services, managed services, and authenticated, all enhanced through  a single credential.

Improved Security

Methods & technologies used by fraudsters continue to evolve, government need to stay ahead by modernizing its identity document.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

With laser technology, less maintenance and no consumables required, further reducing the cost of personalisation

Increased Speed & Convenience

Multi-application ID card offers the best combination of convenience and high-end security.

Using Biometric Technology

Long Term Cost Savings

  • Reduced Fraud
  • Identity Management

Human Factors

  • Transaction Speed
  • Automation

Heightened Security

  • Secure Issuance
  • Verifiable Identity
  • Watch Lists

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