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The socio-economic disparity is an inevitable part of the society in every nation. This creates gaps within the society in terms of the opportunities available for an individual to get a shot at a respectable and financially independent lifestyle. This gap is largely due to the lack of awareness regarding available/accessible opportunities for acquiring the necessary skills for socio-economical upliftment.

Therefore, every nation must strive towards boosting their skill development programs to meet the demands of the employers and foster the nation’s economic growth.

Number of jobs added in the US economy in July 2017
Number of more jobs needed to ensure steady economic growth
Number of jobs created by the end of 2016 in the US alone

Belmont Tech’s Offering

We, at Belmont Tech, are driven by the vision to drive a nation’s economic growth and boost the morale of the underprivileged sections by giving all a fair shot at being employed. Our skill development modules help unskilled manpower get a shot at a better livelihood through an industry-relevant hands-on skill training. We especially cater to segments like construction, retail, logistics, handicrafts, and automobiles which generally face a scarcity of manpower.

The learning and development team at Belmont Tech has devised a strategic approach for partnering with the Government of a state/nation for the skill development of workforce in such sectors which rely on vocational training, and lack formal education.


We believe in enhancing the language and literacy skills in a workforce so as to enrich their engagement capacity with the world around them.

Blended training

Preloaded content in tablets

Trainer assistance


Our next level of skill development involves development of basic communication and soft skills.

Virtual classroom training

Content in tablets

Personal assistance


In the final level of skill development, we ensure domain specific expertise.

Self-paced training

Mobile learning

Video-based learning

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